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Youth Project


The Beechtree Youth Project had a great time with Neil from auniqueart. All the young people took part in designing their tag and then customizing their own BaseBall Caps. All the young people that participated really enjoyed expressing themselves through this art form and are interested in learning more about customising T – Shirts and trainers with graffiti art.

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Young people at the Beechtree Youth Project celebrated Chinese New Year by making some delicious Chicken Chow Mein with Sylvie. It’s the year of the snake and the group enjoyed learning all about the Chinese zodiac; each young person learnt what sign they are, their compatibility with other signs and which celebrities share their sign.


Henna Art Workshop

Young people at the Beechtree Community Centre had the pleasure of taking part in a Henna Art Workshop on Wednesday 28th November hosted at The Beechtree Youth Project in Whitchurch.

The workshop was delivered by Sunny B, a trained henna artist who has developed her skills by training with the world famous Ash Kumar. The pupils along with other local young people had a professional and personalised design tattooed from their wrist to finger.  They all enjoyed discussing with Sunny B an art form that originates from India with someone who comes from a different culture.

Tom Neilsen, Youth Engagment officer at the Beechtree Youth Project added ‘It was great to see the young people so absorbed in the events of the evening, and it was very successful for all involved’.


Cheeto Head

The Beechtree Youth Project had a great time playing ‘Cheeto Head’. Young people enjoyed getting mucky and making a mess with lots of Cheeto’s and cans of whipped cream. Teams took it in turn throwing Cheeto’s at their team captain’s head which was covered in whipped cream. The winner was the team with the most Cheeto’s stuck on the cream.  In a battle of the sexes the boys were victorious.


Cooking with Klaudia

In the  week before the Centre closed for the building works, the Beechtree Youth Project was treated to some traditional Polska baking. Klaudia and Natalia baked a cake for the whole group. Both young women said they had a “great time” baking for their friends and that they had “learnt a lot”. Other members of the group said that it was “cool” trying different foods from other cultures. More ‘Cooking with Klaudia’ sessions to follow as requested by the group.


Cup Cakes and Jelly Tots

The Beechtree youth Project started the school summer holidays with a fun filled session decorating cup cakes. They used different coloured icing, hundreds & thousands, jelly tots, sugar butterflies and loads more to personalise their cakes. The young people said that it was "Fun" "Wicked" and that they "want to do it again" - I'm sure Tom and Ralph wouldn't mind sampling some more cakes!

Youth Project

Young people are welcome to come and take part in free sessions that are led by a qualified youth worker and a team of volunteers.


The Young People Sessions are on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4.00pm - 6.00pm. Mondays are for ages 8 -11 and Tuesdays 11 - 16.


Please help design a NEW Facebook page for young people.
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We have lots of activities:  arts and crafts; sports; cooking; video games; free internet access; group games and trips.


For any other activities suggestions are welcome - it's your session.


2012 was a great year for the Beechtree Youth Project. The young people took part in different accredited & non-accredited work...


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